Basel Day Trips

Within the confines of Basel’s city walls is a wealth of culture and history, but the outside of this historic city is just as delightful. The surrounding areas of Basel offer a wide variety of wonderful day trip options that are worth your time.

Only an hour outside of Basel is the Swiss city of Lucerne. While there you can spend time wandering the streets of old town and visit Chapel Bridge.

If you’re curious about exploring more of Switzerland’s bustling cities, there’s no better way to do it than with a day trip to Zurich. Often mistaken as Switzerland’s capital, Zurich is in fact Switzerland’s biggest city. Zurich appeals to a broad range of people. Being the biggest city in Switzerland means there’s a multitude of activities to enjoy.

The country’s capital of Bern is also only a short ride away from Basel. The atmosphere of Bern differs from both Zurich and Basel. This city is much more slow-moving and tranquil. While strolling around the beautiful streets of old town, you may feel as though you’ve stepped through a time machine.

You’d be remiss if you didn’t venture out to the Rhine Falls. There is no bigger waterfall in all of Europe. You can experience these majestic falls via boat ride or viewing platforms that line the banks.

Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg offers amazing views of the Upper Rhine Plains. Although the origin of this castle is unknown, it has had a tumultuous history of ownership —from princes to warlords to bandits.

One of the best things about Basel is its location on the borders of both Germany and France. A quick trip into Germany allows you the opportunity to visit the RotteIn Castle. The castle itself is mostly a ruin, but is surrounded by lush forests. A climb to the top of the tower provides breathtaking views.